Air Conditioner Outside Unit Fan Not Working

The fan inside your home’s air conditioning unit is responsible for blowing cold air into your home. Without a working fan, cool air will not be evenly distributed throughout your home. There are a variety of reasons why your fan may not be working. Hopefully, our guide below will help you identify what the problem is with your air conditioning system fan.

Fan not getting power

Some issues with your fan may be because of a lack of power. Without power, your fan will not push cold air into your home. One reason your fan may have no power is because of a circuit breaker. If part of your air conditioning unit overheats, it can damage other parts of your AC system, such as the fan. When the circuit breaker overheats, components like the fan and evaporator coil will not work. When these parts do not work, then your air conditioning will not cool your house.

Problems with your air conditioning fan should be addressed as soon as you recognize an issue. Unfortunately, fans are not easy to fix/replace. In order to repair the fan in your home AC system, you will want a professional contractor to work on your HVAC unit. They will be able to tell you what is wrong with your fan and their plan to fix it. If you want an air conditioning technician to repair your broken air conditioning system, call us and we will send an HVAC contractor to your home ASAP.

Burnt out motor

The fan in your home’s air conditioning system will wear down as time goes by. As months pass without checking on the fan, the motor may begin to fail. This happens because the motors go through a lot of stress as they constantly work to make the fan work. The motor of the fan in your air conditioning will break down if it is not maintained regularly. Depending on the age of your system and how severe the motor damage is, you may need a professionally trained contractor to replace the fan and motor. Repairing burnt-out motors can be expensive and unpleasant if the damage is not dealt with.

You may be able to replace the motor and fan by yourself if the problems are not severe. If the motor is broken, all you would have to do is replace the motor of the fan. However, if the motor is completely burnt out or inoperable, you will need to call a technician. Without a functioning motor, the fan in your HVAC system will not operate. As a result, your home will not be cooled by your air conditioning. Call us today so we can fix your broken motor before the situation worsens.

Problems with the capacitor

The capacitor is an important component of your AC system. The job of the capacitor is to store energy for the motors throughout the HVAC unit (such as the motor in the fan). The capacitor is important because it controls how many volts are sent to the motors to operate things like the fan. Without something like the capacitor, motors would burn out easily because there would be nothing controlling how much energy they receive.

Some signs that show that the capacitor is having problems is if it has a difficult time turning on. When the capacitor struggles to turn on, it will begin to stutter, and then it will shut off soon after. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to tell if there are problems with your air conditioning’s capacitor. More often than not, by the time you realize the capacitor is damaged, it is too late. By that point, the motor to the fan will likely be burnt out, the fan won’t operate, and cool air will not flow into your home.

If this happens, it is best to seek the help of an HVAC contractor. Simple problems like a broken capacitor could end up ruining your entire cooling system. If you want to save your AC unit before it is too late, call us and we will dispatch one of our contractors to your residence to repair your broken capacitor.