HVAC Troubleshooting Guide – Problem Solving Help For Heating & Cooling Systems

There are many reasons why an HVAC system may stop working or not work correctly. These range from simple problems such as dirty air filters to more complex issues related to the evaporator coil or condenser coil. Prior to calling an HVAC service technician to come out and repair your heating and cooling system, take some time to identify exactly what the issue is by using our HVAC troubleshooting guide and the list of articles below.

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HVAC System: Helpful Tips For Smooth Operation

The best way to reduce or minimize emergency repair work on HVAC systems is to follow some of the simple tips in this HVAC troubleshooting guide or read one of the articles listed above for your specific issue.

Schedule Regular HVAC System Maintenance

The best maintained system is one that has minimal HVAC problems. Routine professional maintenance is the best way to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. In order to properly maintain your heating and AC units, be sure to hire a local HVAC contractor. They will inspect the blower motor check for any refrigerant leak, perform routine maintenance, replace dirty filters, inspect the outdoor unit, check for proper airflow, etc.

This work ensures your system operates at peak efficiency and gives the best home heating and cooling comfort levels for your family.

Replace Dirty Air Filters

A simple DIY task is to keep the air filter in your system clean. Replace any old air filter with a new filter based on the manufacturer’s recommendation with regards to keeping your air filter clean.

I recommend keeping a box of new filters in your home so the task to replace air filters is simple.

Check For Tripped Circuit Breaker

When there is no power to your HVAC system, the first thing to do is check your circuit breaker box for a tripped breaker. If there is a circuit breaker in the off position, flip it on. BUT, if the circuit breaker immediately switches back off, then call your local repair main as this might indicate there is a more serious problem.