Impact Driver Tool Test (Makita vs Kobalt) Best Brands Comparison

User Review Comments:

  1. I had the XDT14 and have the XDT16, and there is absolutely a difference between the tools. Power isn’t the only difference (which is only sightly different) but the setting that xdt16 are great and make the difference. The Makita is significantly more compact and packs a punch than the kobalt and you can used of for delicate wood working projects as well. An awesome tool well worth the buy in my opinion.
  2. Would love to see the Makita vs dewalt dcf887. two suggestions: it might be a good idea to add the model names in the title or description, your video didnt show up when looking for the specific model. And maybe add a little precision Test for the impacts like a hinge or drywall screw. keep up the good content
  3. That Kobalt XTR Impact kit is $179.00 , it comes with 1 4.0ah battery, but right now they are giving you a free 4.0ah battery with the purchase, not a bad deal
  4. There’s no way the impact driver has 300 break away torque. The impact driver in real world test stopped at 85 lbs for lugnuts and couldn’t get past it. Impact Wrench however, even the 3/8 one will do it. There was a test it did 265 ftlbs and did it under 10 seconds. The driver and wrench may look the same but are geared differently inside
  5. Torque has nothing to do with voltage. These days it seems companies like Kobalt are attempting to associate the two together in an attempt to endlessly upsell ignorant customers to newer non backwards compatible battery packs. Having a cordless tool inventory that doesn’t have a consistent set of battery packs to work all of them gets no money from me.
  6. The Makita looks like a better tool at a better price with a better feature set. For a beginning woodworker or carpenter, this might be the ideal platform. Now if they came out with other lightweight tools such as a circular saw, portable table saw, portable drill press, etc., I’d buy it in a heartbeat.
  7. Makita is a far superior tool manufacturer compared to Dewalt. Fit, finish, quality, longevity. Dewalt has the brand recognition due to outstanding marketing for decades. If the money spent on marketing was shifted to quality management, they would make better tools. Advertising sells! Makita gets my hard earned money.